Ethics in the world of nursing

"Ethics, by brittanykleinpeter is licensed under cc by 2.0"

“Ethics, by brittanykleinpeter is licensed under cc by 2.0”

A  nursing career is full of making  correct or right ethical decisions. These choices play major roles in the lives of their patients, and may test a nurse’s character and morals.  The right ethical choice isn’t always clear cut or simple to make. These dilemmas have no easy solution and may require for them to make a decision they do not agree with.

Since there are so many different diagnosis and complications, all situations are unique. The staff at nursing homes face these problems daily. Patient’s families work with the nursing staff to decide what type of care they want for their loved ones. These decisions are not always best for the patient.

For example: A resident who has very weak legs should be assisted by a sling lift for mobility to avoid a accident like falling. However the family believes the patient will have more freedom if  the sit-to-stand lift is used instead.

The nurse is aware of both situations and has to make a tough decision. Should she do what is best for the resident and use the correct lift, or abide by the families wishes that may risk the residents safety?

Ultimately the nurse has to follow through with what the families wishes when it comes to the care of the resident. Possibly, the best solution to this dilemma could be to talk with the family and explain the consequences of using the the wrong lift. This could persuade them into making a safer decision for the resident and avoid an accident. The nurse can avoid consequences for improper care and make the family feel beter about the attention the resident is receiving.


One thought on “Ethics in the world of nursing

  1. Working with the public in vital fields professionals will have similar issues. This in not limited to nurses and M.D.s but to the Social Services as well. I agree with the moral choices a professional will encounter but I think your population may be too narrow.


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