Project #4

Ladybird, one of the dogs we took on a walk

I enjoyed working on project 4. I learned a lot about preparing and writing a grant proposal. I am excited at the possibly of receiving a donation for our foundation. Sarah at Adopt-A-Dog did a great job on helping our group understand the organization. We had multiple questions that required a lot of detail.

Questions included information about Adopt-A-Dogs,

  • History
  • Needs
  • Purpose

Sarah went through her daily routine with us during our visit. We helped her feed, walk, and play with the dogs. Our visit also included taking photos of the dogs that were up for a new adoption. The pictures were taken by a professional, and looked great! I think the nice photos show off each dog’s personality and helps them find a good home.

I hope our hard work pays off and the shelter relieves the help they need. We wrote our grant to the Doris Day Animal Foundation. Asking for ten dogs to be spayed/neutered along with their shots. We also requested the amount for a box of SmarTag micro-chips. These micro-chips help the owner find the animal if they ever get lost. The donation total was $1,450 and I feel confident that the shelter will get the assistance.

Each one of the dogs at the shelter touched my heart. Some of their stories were extremely sad and I wish i could take them all home. Most of them do get adopted out to a great home and their stay at the shelter is short. Sarah does an excellent job taking care of the dogs. I plan on adopting from a shelter when it’s time for me to get a dog.


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